I've watched the rise of the blog for the past year with interest. Never thought i'd write one, but things change. Anyways this blog will hopefully chart the progress of Wikinews from its small beginnings - to world domination. Basically this blog is a place for all my rants

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Sorry for my low activity lately at Wikinews. I've been very busy at work filling in for a co-worker (well she's actually my boss!), and even busier building my first ever website. Its called takeaway4you.com and hosts takeaway menus in Ireland. Currently I have about 325 menus up on it. I really need a bit of motivation... so if you can, click on one of the ad's please! I'll be back to the wiki as soon as I can (im going on holidays to Nice, France next week for a fortnight... so it will be a while!).


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