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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Im back

I decided to give up my blog last month so I could focus on Wikinews - but I now think it would be a good idea to keep it as a distraction for myself - I don't wish to get to bogged down in Wikinews.

The 7/7 London bombings were a terrible tragedy - it might have been expected for a long time - but they still were shocking. The Wikinews team (its the first time in several months that I actually feel like we are a real team) responded like never before to the awful news - with Clare White on the ground in London to verify information wikinewsies from accross the globe came together to write quite literally a dozen excellent stories about the events; from several angles - the financial impact on the stockmarkets, the transport problems in the afternoon, the security alert in Scotland, the threat to Denmark and so on (not to mention the actual story about the inital bombings.)

Obviously we never rely on a single source - even with Clare around to verify info - so it was inperative that we use multiple sources to avoid bias or more importantly speculation, particularly at the early stages. The main story on the attacks actually was supported by 24 different articles. We gained a huge advantage over the traditional media by being among the first news sources to publish several photos from London after the bombings.

To put the whole thing (our coverage, not the bombings) into perspective we had a longer, more detailed article than Wikipedia for almost all the morning and most of the afternoon. We hit a new daily Alexa ranking record - 7,993, we got a brief mention in the Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe, and hundreds of blogs gave us positive verdicts. I've welcomed about 100 new users to the site over the last few days. So far this month the top 7 most visted articles on Wikinews have been related to the bombings (number eight is about Bush falling off his bike... again).


Blogger Clare White said...

Verifying? No chance, I didn't have a clue what was going on! I was the panicky one feeding rumours into the mill :)


Blogger Leaving Cert 06 said...

Remember we were the first news agency on the web to report that something had happened in London - you were able to tell us that ''yes something has happened.


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