I've watched the rise of the blog for the past year with interest. Never thought i'd write one, but things change. Anyways this blog will hopefully chart the progress of Wikinews from its small beginnings - to world domination. Basically this blog is a place for all my rants

Sunday, May 22, 2005

2,000 articles

Despite all the bad news lately - we do have cause to celebrate at the moment, we have almost passed the 2,000 article milestone. We should pass it in the first half of this week.


Blogger Dan G said...

We've/you've actually passed that milestone now, yes?


Blogger Dan G said...

Don't forget to update this sometime Ciaran!


Blogger Leaving Cert 06 said...

I've been very busy lately Dan; im thinking of ending the blog.


Blogger Dan G said...

oh, that would be a shame :-(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't abandon the blog! You don't need to be too regular, but it would be nice to have your blog around ;)



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