I've watched the rise of the blog for the past year with interest. Never thought i'd write one, but things change. Anyways this blog will hopefully chart the progress of Wikinews from its small beginnings - to world domination. Basically this blog is a place for all my rants

Sunday, May 22, 2005

2,000 articles

Despite all the bad news lately - we do have cause to celebrate at the moment, we have almost passed the 2,000 article milestone. We should pass it in the first half of this week.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Bad week at the office

Its been an awful week at wikinews! At the start of the week we had a major dispute involving Paul, Amgine, Dan and anyone who so much as made a slight remark about the dispute. The cause of the disagreement was Pauls apparent lack of NPOV and frankness. I must admit I did'nt help things in the previous week by banning him for breaking the 3-revert rule... but it got a whole lot worse this week with Amgine eventually banning him again and then Dan unbanning him.

If all this was'nt enough to damage the faith of even the strongest wikinews-beleiver (probably myself!), then a real shock was revealed to all, two of our best reporters quit! Alan, a former CNN employee, and DV, our key video stream developer. It was an horrible shock to everyone. DV cited a number of reasons for his departure, but my own speculation is that the recent spat of vandalism had hurt his emotions - he deeply loved the project and the constant vandalism may have damaged his belief in the project badly.

Sorry to be the prevayor of bad news, but another dispute occured in the latter stages of the week - Amgine and Simeon had a major falling out, cumulating in a banning war; Amgine banned Simeon, Simeon reverted and banned Amgine, Amgine reverted and banned Simeon... and thus forth for quite a period of time. In an entertaining (not for them, but for the rest of us!) spectacle, the pair had an open air argument in IRC.

Add slow servers, a power failure at wikipedia and a problem with images and the result is just two articles so far today... can't wait till this week ends!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Election special

I set up Story Preparation as a result of the Papal stories. It looks set to become a valuable Wikinews insitution. Uncle G has decided to make extensive use of it by been putting in a huge amount of effort on preparing for the British Elections. Hopefully it will all work like clockwork. To follow the election progress check out Results of 2005 United Kingdom General Election.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Up and Down

After a fantastic weekend, wikinews has died to just 3 stories today! The main culprit is the slowness of the site, users are struggling to get anything posted. On a much brighter note today I managed to make my 3,000 edit to Wikinews - interestingly it was a response to Jimmy Wales - my first time to talk to the man! The writing contest officially ended today - it resulted in over 220 articles being written!