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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Story Preparation

In response to efforts to prepare a stoy for the Popes death i've started Wikinews: Story Preparation. There we can start work together on stories for planned and expected future events.

Also today the site achieved its 2nd highest ever Alexa Traffic Ranking at 9,851! Keep it up everyone!


Anonymous DV said...

Now if only the caches wouldn't defeat serving up the latest page, I bet that rank would go up even higher!

I just noticed that when I'm logged out on my Mac, I see a front page from March 30th.

I tried to empty my browser cache, and also tried clicking the Purge button on the Main Page, to no avail.

I was only able to see the latest news by logging in.

A cache maintenence person on IRC had some ideas about this, so I will ask around to see what can be done.

One suggestion I made is to move the Main Page to a different URL each day (Main Page/Monday) and have the root Main Page redirect at the beginning of each day, to defeat any caching on the servers (or perhaps at local ISPs) for any longer than a day.



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