I've watched the rise of the blog for the past year with interest. Never thought i'd write one, but things change. Anyways this blog will hopefully chart the progress of Wikinews from its small beginnings - to world domination. Basically this blog is a place for all my rants

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Poor news day

Its been an awful day at Wikinews - at 22:00UTC there were just 6 stories published - the lowest count in months... i've since added a few, but more are needed.


Blogger Dan G said...

I've just noticed the same thing. I guess the writing contest is running out of steam! It's a shame though, we had 20+ a day recently.

I'm back at work so have very little time to dedicate to the site - often all I manage is updating the RSS feed :/


Blogger Leaving Cert 06 said...

Well things have rectified themselves, just look at the 13th April!



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