I've watched the rise of the blog for the past year with interest. Never thought i'd write one, but things change. Anyways this blog will hopefully chart the progress of Wikinews from its small beginnings - to world domination. Basically this blog is a place for all my rants

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Country of the Week has gotten off to a great start with 4 articles about Nigeria written during the week. This is certainly an improvement from zero written in the previous five months!

Elsewere the introduction of DPL (Dynamic page listing) has made the wikinews issue and regional pages much easier to update.

Unfortunatly after breaching the 10,000 daily rank mark earlier in the week, we've fallen back to 37,000th place according to Alexa.

Looking on the brightside, based on the first 7 days of April, we are on course to produce 545 news articles this month! That would easily beat my prediction of 512 articles/44.5% growth!


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