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Friday, April 01, 2005

Country of the Week

I've created Country of the Week at Wikinews to help eliminate Western bias from the project. Its been well received thus far - but it remains to be seen how it will actually do in practice. The first country selected is Nigeria which currently has zero articles written about it. Please join!


Anonymous Ronline said...

This is a really great idea! If there's one thing that Wikinews could be really good at, it's at covering news about countries which aren't usually covered to a great extent. This has happened for some countries (i.e. Romania, Brazil, etc), but others have been left out. It would be great to see more. The only thing is that, unlike Wikipedia, growth in Wikinews isn't compounded, so although Nigeria may make the spotlight this week, even if it gets 10 articles about it, it will remain on virtually 0 articles for the coming weeks, and while it may have a total of 10 articles which may be pretty good for it, the fact is that, apart from the Country of the Week week, it will continue to be ignored. So we need a more sustained effort to regularly cover seldom-covered countries.



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