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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Back on track

Due to some healthy competition with the poles we had 22 stories today... though they managed over 25!


Anonymous Ronline said...

The Poles are doing amazingly! I didn't even imagine that pl.wikinews was thriving so much. And it's even more commendable when their Wikipedia is doing so well. How is it that the Polish Wikimedia community can produce so much and consistently place the Polish language projects in the top 5 of Wikimedia (this goes for Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikinews). Congratulations to them!


Blogger Leaving Cert 06 said...

Well 6 people produced 26 articles yesterday, so its the hard work of just a few thats generating the success.


Anonymous Ronline said...

Yeah, but in Wikinews the effort isn't compounded, so if in, say, a week they produce more articles than us, they actually become a much better news source than the English Wikinews and should actually be ranked first for that week. In Wikinews, it's not like at Wikipedia, where smaller Wikipedias must catch up to the larger ones by writing more articles. Here, as soon as they write more articles, they've actually not only caught up but beaten the larger Wikinews!

I still don't know how they do it though? How do the Polish Wikimedia people attract such a large share of the Polish internet community? Or are the users highly productive? In any case, is it just luck or do they actually have a strategy plan for attracting new users?



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